Dishwasher Usage 101

What you need to know to have your dishwasher work to its fullest potential!

Due to recent changes in energy efficiency by the federal government, dishwashers have had massive changes compared to models you may have had in your home prior to this unit.

For best performance follow directions below, failure to do so will compromise your washability!

  1. Your new dishwasher will use approx 3-4 gallons of water, vs your old model which used anywhere from 7-10 gallons of water. Due to this, your new dishwasher will run for approx 2 to 2 ½ hours due to filtering water thru the system. 
  1. Your new dishwasher has what is called a turbidity sensor in the dishwasher that will help with cycle length and energy savings. If your dishes are not as clean going in, it will wash for a longer time, if your dishes are scraped well, the cycle time will be aprox 15 min less. 


  1. Please do not RINSE OR PREWASH your dishes! By rinsing your dishes, your turbidity sensor will not allow the dishwasher to bring the wash temperature to the hottest water temperature (hence your dishwasher will not wash or dry as well!)
  2. Please USE JETDRY or RINSE AGENT! Dishwashers no longer have a long end of cycle heated dry like they used to for drying dishes. If you do not use rinse aid or Jetdry your unit will not properly dry dishes.
  3. Please HEAT YOUR TAPWATER TO HOT BEFORE YOU RUN YOUR DISHWASHER! Failure to do so will result in sub-par operation. (If you purchase a Bosch dishwasher, this is not a necessary step)
  4. Due to the removal of phosphates in dishwasher soap by the government has impeded the drying of plastics in dishwashers! Plastics will always come out of the dishwasher with a dampness or residual water on the units. Using Jetdry or Rinse Aid will not solve this issue.
  5. We always recommend using tablets for the wash cycle! With hard water will also recommend adding Lemishine as an additional product to help keep glasses from turning a opaque color.
  6. We also always recommend turning on high temp boost and or sani rinse to help boost water temps!

Taking care of your front load washer.

Congratulations on your choice to purchase one of the best washing machines on the market! This post will help you avoid unneccessary headaches when it comes to the cleaning and care of your machine.

Don’t want any weird smells or mold coming from your door seal? Keep reading!

Front Load washers are equipped with the highest level of wash-ability technology. However, may customers have issues with a stinky/moldy door seal.

To overcome this issue we recommend the following solutions from the date of purchase.

  1. We recommend using a POWDER He detergent. Most liquid detergents on the market are petroleum and animal fat based products. These liquid detergents coat the back side of your rubber door gasket (where you can’t see) and over time build up and add to odor and molding of the door gasket. By using POWDER He detergent you bypass the issue of this build up on the door.
  2. POWDER He detergent also allows for no additional build-up of “gunk” on the inside of your washers lines and pump motor, which will equate to a longer life of your machine!
  3. Once you are done using/washing in your front load washer, we recommend that you leave the door cracked open (it doesn’t have to be all the way open). By doing this it will allow your door seal to dry out!
  4. Please remove your clothing and put it into the dryer when your front load washer is done. By leaving your clothing, wet, inside your machine, it will make your laundry smell musty and will take multiple washes to try to get that smell out.
  5. Softener should always be kept to a minimum inside the washer. When using Softener please dilute (1 Tbs/dilute with ¾-1 Cup of water).
  6. Bleach should always be kept to a minimum due to potential damage to the rubber door gaskets and the corrosive nature towards the bearing system.

If you have any questions at all regarding the care of your washer – please reach out to us & a member of our sales team would be more than happy to assist you!


Why shop small?

As a local business, we do our best to promote shopping local in our community. Whether you’re looking for appliances, windows, a new car, or a little restaurant to stop at for lunch, it’s always great to think local. Besides creating more jobs in your own community, there are so many benefits from shopping small! One benefit that we are very proud of is excellent service. When you shop at a small business, the employees are trained on a specific product or service and are very personable people – creating a much more laid back experience, and guaranteeing great service even after the sale is completed. We, at Gerrit’s, are trained on one product; appliances. Unlike big box stores who are trained on everything from paint and carpet to the very basics of appliances, we are trained on how to use them, how to install them, how to service them, and can even show customers the best ways to clean them! That is knowledge that you will not find at big box stores.

Also, for every dollar that is spent at a local business, about 3 times more of that dollar goes back to the community than a dollar spent at a chain store. And it is much MUCH better than buying online.


Sushi 101 with Chef Wessely

Last night we had the opportunity to host yet another Sushi 101 class with our favorite chef, Chris Wessely. As you will see from the pictures below, his classes are a blast!


Doesn’t that look great??

We are blessed to be able to have such a great live kitchen in our store featuring brands such as Monogram, Wolf, SubZero & DCS that we can use during our classes!

Chef Wessely does an amazing job! He keeps things lighthearted, fun & allows you to be as involved as you’d like to. He also offers at home cooking classes!

If you’re bummed that you missed out, I am sure that we will be hosting more Sushi classes in the future! But in the meantime, check out our Upcoming Schedule that I have posted above, we are going to be having a few EXCELLENT cooking classes in the next few months!

If you have any questions on these classes or on any of the appliances that we use, feel free to contact us!


Smelly Washer? Not anymore!

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times a customer walks through the doors of our store looking for a new washer and the first thing they say is;

“I do NOT want a front load, everyone tells me that they stink and they get moldy!”

Okay, this is true. Front load washers CAN get gunk build up in the gaskets if there is residual detergent & water left in them, and if the door is always closed.

It is sad that people think there is no cure to this issue, because front load washers do an absolutely amazing job at washing clothes! (I especially love the fact that they will get the clothes clean even when I have so much stuffed in there that I can barely shut the door!)

So please, before you get scared off by all of the horror stories…let me share with you a few tips to keep that front load mold & grime free!

The number one most important tip is to KEEP THE DOOR OPEN. Once the wash is done, just leave the washer door open – even if just a crack, which will allow for more air flow through the machine, preventing that excess water & detergent from just sitting there, causing a build up in your gasket.

If you’d like to go a step further with this tip, which you should, wipe out the gasket with a rag after taking the clothes out of the washer, just to be sure that you have gotten any extra water, hair, pennies, etc… that have been left in there. Just take a look at the picture below! ANYTHING that comes out of your pockets in the wash can end up in the gaskets. I guess that’s another lesson, make sure and empty your pockets before the wash!

nasty washer gasket.jpg

Okay, so you have already purchased a front load washer. And your gasket is starting to look like this. You’re angry, there may be a few tears, you might be thinking you’ve ruined the machine, it will never come clean again, etc… WELL GUESS WHAT? There are people out there who have had the exact same issue as you, that have come up with some solutions to the issue!

So if you are going to start anywhere on the quest for a clean washer…start at the blog DIY Natural! This blog  is run by husband & wife, Matt & Betsy, who have come up with a great, natural way to clean your front load washer!

Here are the supplies that you will need: (all of which you probably already have)

  • White Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Peroxide (optional)
  • Cleaning rag
  • Toothbrush (optional)

First start out by spraying the inside folds of the gasket with the white vinegar. After it is coated well with vinegar, pour some baking soda onto the rag that you are going to use to wipe the gasket out. Take the rag with baking soda and really wipe out the inside of the gasket. Using a bit of force, the baking soda will work as an abrasive to get those tough stains out.

Next, if there was mold in the gasket before you started cleaning it out, it is best to apply some peroxide to the inside folds. Peroxide kills mold!

When you have finished these steps, look for a cleaning setting on your washer (most washers will have this.) Just before you start the cycle, sprinkle about 1/3 cup of baking soda into the drum of the washer, and 2 cups of white vinegar into the detergent dispenser. Now you can start the washer! This cycle will take approximately 1.5-2 hours, but should leave your washer shiny & odor free!

Visit to see the article in full & also to check out the rest of the great articles that they have written…there are a lot of excellent tips!




Gladiator Garageworks

Michigan weather sure keeps us guessing, doesn’t it?

Last week on one of our 50 degree sunny days, I started dreaming of spring cleaning…windows open, clean floors and ORGANIZED EVERYTHING. I don’t know about you, but during the winter, things just do not stay as organized as they do the rest of the year. Especially the garage. I mean, come on, who wants to clean out their (in my case, unheated) garage in the middle of winter? Not I.

Are you used to seeing a garage that looks like this?

messy garage

Don’t be embarrassed, you’re not alone.

BUT….there’s a solution. Gladiator Garageworks.

Just take look at these pictures below


Now, if you can tell me that not one of these set ups could make your life easier, I know you’re lying. And you thought Gladiator products were only made for the garage…

I especially love the second to last picture of the pantry set up.  If I could set something like that up in my basement for all of my bulk & canned foods, my lazy susan might actually be able to spin again!

And for a laundry room, I would LOVE to be able to fold my clothes and set them on a shelf, or have a cabinet to keep all of my detergents in. Not only are the gladiator products built like a tank, but they now offer less…”manly” options. White cabinets with a bamboo top? Tell me this look doesn’t scream Laundry Room to you!


Just in case you are not already convinced…take a look at a few more pictures below.




The ultimate adventurers garage, a mancave, and a home office. Where CANT you use Gladiator Garageworks?

At our store, many of us use these products in both our garages at home, as well as our offices! If you’d like any more information or pricing on these products, give us a call or send us an email!