Why shop small?

As a local business, we do our best to promote shopping local in our community. Whether you’re looking for appliances, windows, a new car, or a little restaurant to stop at for lunch, it’s always great to think local. Besides creating more jobs in your own community, there are so many benefits from shopping small! One benefit that we are very proud of is excellent service. When you shop at a small business, the employees are trained on a specific product or service and are very personable people – creating a much more laid back experience, and guaranteeing great service even after the sale is completed. We, at Gerrit’s, are trained on one product; appliances. Unlike big box stores who are trained on everything from paint and carpet to the very basics of appliances, we are trained on how to use them, how to install them, how to service them, and can even show customers the best ways to clean them! That is knowledge that you will not find at big box stores.

Also, for every dollar that is spent at a local business, about 3 times more of that dollar goes back to the community than a dollar spent at a chain store. And it is much MUCH better than buying online.


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