Dishwasher Usage 101

What you need to know to have your dishwasher work to its fullest potential!

Due to recent changes in energy efficiency by the federal government, dishwashers have had massive changes compared to models you may have had in your home prior to this unit.

For best performance follow directions below, failure to do so will compromise your washability!

  1. Your new dishwasher will use approx 3-4 gallons of water, vs your old model which used anywhere from 7-10 gallons of water. Due to this, your new dishwasher will run for approx 2 to 2 ½ hours due to filtering water thru the system. 
  1. Your new dishwasher has what is called a turbidity sensor in the dishwasher that will help with cycle length and energy savings. If your dishes are not as clean going in, it will wash for a longer time, if your dishes are scraped well, the cycle time will be aprox 15 min less. 


  1. Please do not RINSE OR PREWASH your dishes! By rinsing your dishes, your turbidity sensor will not allow the dishwasher to bring the wash temperature to the hottest water temperature (hence your dishwasher will not wash or dry as well!)
  2. Please USE JETDRY or RINSE AGENT! Dishwashers no longer have a long end of cycle heated dry like they used to for drying dishes. If you do not use rinse aid or Jetdry your unit will not properly dry dishes.
  3. Please HEAT YOUR TAPWATER TO HOT BEFORE YOU RUN YOUR DISHWASHER! Failure to do so will result in sub-par operation. (If you purchase a Bosch dishwasher, this is not a necessary step)
  4. Due to the removal of phosphates in dishwasher soap by the government has impeded the drying of plastics in dishwashers! Plastics will always come out of the dishwasher with a dampness or residual water on the units. Using Jetdry or Rinse Aid will not solve this issue.
  5. We always recommend using tablets for the wash cycle! With hard water will also recommend adding Lemishine as an additional product to help keep glasses from turning a opaque color.
  6. We also always recommend turning on high temp boost and or sani rinse to help boost water temps!

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