Sushi 101 with Chef Wessely

Last night we had the opportunity to host yet another Sushi 101 class with our favorite chef, Chris Wessely. As you will see from the pictures below, his classes are a blast!


Doesn’t that look great??

We are blessed to be able to have such a great live kitchen in our store featuring brands such as Monogram, Wolf, SubZero & DCS that we can use during our classes!

Chef Wessely does an amazing job! He keeps things lighthearted, fun & allows you to be as involved as you’d like to. He also offers at home cooking classes!

If you’re bummed that you missed out, I am sure that we will be hosting more Sushi classes in the future! But in the meantime, check out our Upcoming Schedule that I have posted above, we are going to be having a few EXCELLENT cooking classes in the next few months!

If you have any questions on these classes or on any of the appliances that we use, feel free to contact us!


Gladiator Garageworks

Michigan weather sure keeps us guessing, doesn’t it?

Last week on one of our 50 degree sunny days, I started dreaming of spring cleaning…windows open, clean floors and ORGANIZED EVERYTHING. I don’t know about you, but during the winter, things just do not stay as organized as they do the rest of the year. Especially the garage. I mean, come on, who wants to clean out their (in my case, unheated) garage in the middle of winter? Not I.

Are you used to seeing a garage that looks like this?

messy garage

Don’t be embarrassed, you’re not alone.

BUT….there’s a solution. Gladiator Garageworks.

Just take look at these pictures below


Now, if you can tell me that not one of these set ups could make your life easier, I know you’re lying. And you thought Gladiator products were only made for the garage…

I especially love the second to last picture of the pantry set up.  If I could set something like that up in my basement for all of my bulk & canned foods, my lazy susan might actually be able to spin again!

And for a laundry room, I would LOVE to be able to fold my clothes and set them on a shelf, or have a cabinet to keep all of my detergents in. Not only are the gladiator products built like a tank, but they now offer less…”manly” options. White cabinets with a bamboo top? Tell me this look doesn’t scream Laundry Room to you!


Just in case you are not already convinced…take a look at a few more pictures below.




The ultimate adventurers garage, a mancave, and a home office. Where CANT you use Gladiator Garageworks?

At our store, many of us use these products in both our garages at home, as well as our offices! If you’d like any more information or pricing on these products, give us a call or send us an email!